Oriana Maduro by Felipe Gregorio Cigars

Founded in 1990 Felipe Gregorio Cigars, is the true boutique cigar maker. They specialize in limited batch cigars using vintage tobaccos, each blend is unique in its character. As a cigar maker for over 25 years my respect for the origins of the tobacco and genetically pure seeds has led me to pay special attention to the…Read Full Article

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Battleground Cigars Armistead Maduro

About Battleground Cigars: Founded in Hazardville CT by Michael Tarnowicz in 2000. They are a boutique cigar company created with the beautiful history of their home state Connecticut and vast surroundings of  U.S. History. Their theme is simple, our country’s US Civil War history and CT tobacco History, combined to create a unique boutique cigars that  will be up…Read Full Article

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